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We are a team of energy specialists in Reading focused on providing an excellent customer experience.

Domestic Renewable Energy Solutions

There are a number of excellent renewable solutions which home owners can implement to help with reducing energy costs and protecting the environment.

From solar panels, battery storage solutions, heat pumps and electric charging points our renewables engineers in Reading offer advice, guidance and best practice.

However our support does not stop after installation. Our team are on hand to ensure any new installations continue to operate to its maximum efficiencies.

Solar PV Domestic

Commercial Renewable Energy Solutions

Our commercial energy team are focussed on sustainability. We can immediately recognise how efficient a business is and what areas of improvement can be deployed.

We will present accurate data and meaningful solutions that will demonstrate healthy green credentials and what monetary savings can be made over both the short and long term.

Ultimately we will help any business or organisation that has a commercial building to reduce its carbon footprint.

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What our clients say…

My solar adventure turned out to be a great success! With my upgraded 3.33 kW solar system, a cool hybrid inverter, and a massive 10 kW battery, I am all set to harness the sun’s power in style.

Mr Ho

Carter Electrical installed a solar PV array and a Powerwall battery storage system at our house. The electrical installation was excellent and they handled some roofing issues well. Overall an excellent service and good value too

Richard Larkin

Carter electrical supplied and installed a Zappi v2 EV car charger within 2 weeks of my initial call. Survey was carried out next day, the installation price was cheaper than some national companies who then contract out their work to someone else.

Jason Adams

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