Heat Pump Installation in Reading

Heat pumps are an excellent renewable energy solution for generating both heating and hot water for a building.

Positioned outside a heat pump will extract thermal energy from outside sources such as the air or ground and then convert in to heating and hot water.

The technology operates in 4 simple ways. Environmental heat is extracted and then using an evaporated process is converted to gas. Next stage is it is compressed and temperature increased. After this it is condensed back into liquid form. Finally it is then fed in to the property to heat the building.

In essence it will operate the way same as a household fridge.

There are a number of heat pump options available

Air Source
Heat Pump

An air source heat pump is the most common type of solution and operates by using the temperature outside.

Ground Source
Heat Pump

A ground source heat pump is embedded in the ground through a bore hole solution and extracts heat from natural sources.

Water Source
Heat Pump

A water source heat pump is arguably the most reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution for extracting heat.

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