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Installing a Green Solar PV System is a proven way for commercial and residential customers to save money and protect the environment simultaneously. As a Solar PV installer, Carter Renewables offers a way to start harnessing green energy.

If you have been wondering, ‘Are PV Solar panels worth it?’ or concerned about whether you have a suitable place for their installation, we are guaranteed to have a solution. Each of our team members is classed as a Solar PV expert, meaning we can offer brilliant advice and viable solutions to installing solar photovoltaics.

Carter Renewables offers green energy solutions and Reading Solar PV services, so contact us if you are local to Berkshire and are interested in making the change to sustainable energy production.

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What Is Solar PV?

Solar Photovoltaics is a form of intelligent technology that converts sunlight into usable energy. The smart energy creation method involves large panels placed in positions that the sun’s rays can reach. This means even on cloudy days, energy is being generated, which can be used to power properties, charge electric vehicles, or even make a profit by selling the power back to the grid.

We provide Solar PV systems for residential and commercial buildings, with solutions available for roof, canopy, and floor mounting. We use the best solar photovoltaic panels available, allowing effective energy storage. By connecting panels to Solar PV batteries, gains made during the sunniest of times can last beyond the time of capture.

How Do Solar PV Panels Generate Electricity?

Solar PV panels use cellular technology to turn the energy received from UV rays into electricity. The solar input creates an internal vibration, which creates electricity by agitating internal cells. The produced electrons are then multiplied by the panel to create a usable amount of power. By carrying out a simple Solar PV reading, you can understand how effective panels are and use the electricity produced accordingly to ensure a consistent flow.

What Are the Benefits of Solar PV Panels?


Generating electricity is an essential for protecting the planet. No matter the size of a building, solar power eliminates further impact on the environment, which ensures that you are doing your part to conserve resources.

Improve Property Value

Buildings with solar technology is sure to add value as it’s a method of future-proofing a property. Worth is also increased as solar energy allows efficient running costs and constant renewable energy to be created allowing long-term benefits to be experienced.

Reduction in Utility Bills

Solar electricity can completely remove the need for grid power in certain situations. Based on the size of panels, installation and form of battery storage, building owners can experience a quick and sustainable investment return.

Constant Supply of Power

Should the main electricity lines go down, buildings with solar energy can still function normally as a consistent supply is always available. Thanks to batteries, energy can also be saved, meaning that even if extra supply is needed during these times, enough is available.

Why Choose Solar PV Installation From Cater Renewables?

Carter Renewables is based in Reading, Berkshire, and serves the entire county. We offer services, including Solar PV installation reading, design, and maintenance checks to ensure panels are always performing at their best.

Our team is also highly experienced in both commercial solar installation and residential Solar PV, meaning that no project brief is outside of our expertise. To learn more about the wide range of projects that we have completed, view our case studies.

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Contact Carter Renewables for Solar PV Panel Services

If you’re looking for Solar PV Installers near you, look no further than Carter Renewables Solar PV Installation in Reading, Berkshire. With proven experience of creating sustainable energy supply across the area, our services are favoured for both residential and commercial clients.

Contact Carter Renewables for advice on PV Solar Panels and Installation.

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