Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaics (Solar PV) enables both commercial and residential buildings to generate electricity thanks to daylight.

An ideal installation for a solar panel will be on the roof where it can have access to the most direct form of sunlight, however if this is not possible they can also be installed on the ground.

By installing Solar PV a home owner or business owner can benefit from green energy which has been created with little to no cost.

The benefits of Solar PV

Lowering Costs

Upon immediate installation of solar panels the consumption of electricity drawn from the supplier is lowered which in turn results in reduced costs.

Carbon Footprint

As a renewable energy source, Solar PV has excellent green credentials resulting in less pollution and therefore reducing carbon footprint.

Financial Security

Nobody can predict what inflation looks like in the future so putting in best practice solutions to eradicate these risks can be invaluable.

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