Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installation in Reading

The switch to electric vehicles continues to rise and therefore the need for the right charging solutions is also on the increase.

For the home – one of the biggest issues we have with electric vehicles is the anxiety that we will get to our destination without having to stop to charge. Installing a charging solution at home completely removes these anxieties and provides great flexibility.

For businesses – companies running a fleet of commercial vehicles are switching to electric due to the broad benefits. In turn and to support employees there is a need for the right infrastructure which requires the installation of EV charging units.

Tesla Powerwall

Switching to electric vehicles brings broad benefits which includes a reduction in running costs, a reduction in pollution and a superior driving experience.

The benefits of EV charging solutions

Cost Savings

There are a number of excellent energy tariffs available which in turn makes the charging of electric very cost effective.

Eco Friendly

Using a renewable energy solution to assist with the charging process offers excellent environmental credentials.

Fast Charging

By installing the correct EV charger not only is the connection more secure it is also a much quicker charging process.

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