Mr Ho’s Solar Adventure

The Project

Client: Mr. Ho
Existing Solar System: 2 kW
Additional system: 3.33kW

Customer Background

Mr. Ho was excited about his new house that came with a small 2 kW solar PV system. However, he wanted to make the most of his garage roof by adding more solar panels. He had one condition – it had to look good and blend well with the roof’s appearance.

The Proposal

I, from Carter Electrical, had the perfect idea! I suggested using these amazing Solfit 370W in-roof solar panels. We could fit nine of them up there, adding up to a total of 3.33 kW. Plus, they would seamlessly blend into his garage roof, keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

The Extra Boost

To make Mr. Ho’s solar system even better, I recommended a Huawei Hybrid Inverter with a capacity of 3.68 kW. This little gem could do both grid-tied and off-grid operations, giving him more flexibility with his energy usage.

But wait, there’s more! We went all out and added a 10 kW Huawei Luna Battery. Now, Mr. Ho could store all that extra sunshine for a rainy day, quite literally. It was a win-win – helping the environment and saving some money too.

The Cool Benefits

With the new setup, Mr. Ho would generate way more energy – 3.33 kW to be exact! That meant he could cut down on his electricity bills and do his part for the planet. Plus, the battery storage meant he could use solar power even when the sun wasn’t shining.

Oh, and did I mention how sleek those in-roof panels looked? They practically disappeared into the garage roof. Mr. Ho’s house was going to stand out with its snazzy solar setup.

Battery storage systems with Solar PV installations.

Getting It Done

Once we shared all the exciting details, Mr. Ho gave us the green light. We provided a quote with all the costs and got to work. Our team at Carter Electrical did a fantastic job setting up the panels, hooking up the inverter, and installing that nifty battery.


And that’s how Mr. Ho’s solar adventure turned out to be a great success! With his upgraded 3.33 kW solar system, a cool hybrid inverter, and a massive 10 kW battery, he was all set to harness the sun’s power in style. Carter Electrical was proud to be part of his journey to a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. Go Mr. Ho! Go solar.

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