Mr Knight Case Study

The Project

This case study explores Mr. Knight’s efforts to reduce his electricity consumption and adopt renewable energy solutions. He engaged Carter Electrical Installation Ltd, a company specialising in renewables, to install various products to achieve his goal.

Customer Background

Mr. Knight is an environmentally conscious homeowner who sought to lower his carbon footprint and reduce electricity expenses. His annual energy consumption was recorded at 10,833 kWh, indicating a significant opportunity for improvement.

Products Installed

As recommended by Carter Electrical:

SolarEdge 5kW Inverter: A state-of-the-art inverter designed to optimise the performance of solar panels and convert DC electricity to AC electricity for household use.

Tesla Powerwall Battery: A cutting-edge battery storage system that allows Mr. Knight to store excess solar energy generated during the day to use during periods of low or no solar production.

23 x 410W Solar Panels: A total of 23 high-efficiency solar panels were installed. Among these, four panels were south-facing to capture maximum sunlight during peak hours, whilst the remaining nineteen were west-facing, harnessing the afternoon sun.

MyEnergi Eddi: A smart energy monitor and controller that enables to manage his energy usage efficiently. The Eddi optimises self-consumption of solar energy and minimises waste.

Implementation and Results

The installation process was smooth, with Carter Electrical expertly positioning the solar panels for optimal sunlight exposure. The SolarEdge 5kW Inverter was seamlessly integrated with the solar panel array to ensure maximum energy conversion.

The Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage system was strategically positioned to store excess solar energy generated during the day. This stored energy is now utilised during evenings or overcast days, significantly reducing the dependence on the grid.

The MyEnergi Eddi played a crucial role in monitoring and controlling the energy usage in the home. It enabled him to schedule energy-intensive tasks during peak solar production, further reducing reliance on grid electricity.


After the implementation of these renewable energy solutions, there were remarkable improvements:

Reduced Electricity Consumption: Annual electricity consumption decreased significantly from 10,833 kWh to a new, more sustainable level.

Lower Electricity Bills: With the solar panels and Powerwall battery storage in place, Mr. Knight saw a considerable reduction in his electricity bills. He is now generating a substantial portion of his electricity needs from the sun.

Increased Energy Independence: The Tesla Powerwall allowed the customer to have a reliable backup power source during grid outages, enhancing his energy independence. 

Environmental Impact: By adopting renewable energy solutions, it significantly reduced his carbon footprint, contributing positively to environmental preservation.


Through the strategic installation of the SolarEdge 5kW Inverter, Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage, solar panels, and MyEnergi Eddi, Mr. Knight successfully achieved his goal of reducing electricity consumption and embracing renewable energy sources.

Carter Electrical Installation Ltd’s expertise in renewables played a crucial role in making Mr. Knight’s home is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

This case study serves as a testament to the positive impact of renewable energy solutions on both homeowners and the planet.

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